EnjoyCPR Safety Training is a national training organization that was founded in 2003, with the purpose of teaching effective CPR, First Aid, and Childcare Provider classes. As one of the largest training centers, EnjoyCPR built its approach from the student perspective, and not the ever so used teacher perspective. The founders and staff were tired of being certified by CPR and First Aid training programs that took too much time, were uninteresting, and once finished, most information was forgotten.

EnjoyCPR teaches different types of classes from different organizations. Some curriculums are set in stone, so we don't alter their delivery or content. However, the curriculum that EnjoyCPR developed takes a different and more effective approach to teach First Aid. EnjoyCPR first realized that it wanted to develop a curriculum that would effectively prepare its students to be first responders of moderate to severe physical accidents. This led EnjoyCPR to understand the learning patterns of the student.

One of the first things recognized was that the longer students stayed in class in one position, the less they usually remembered. This directed EnjoyCPR to develop a full curriculum that would teach all the necessary components of CPR and First Aid, however, and do it in the most efficient amount of time.

EnjoyCPR continues with the mission of being the best. EnjoyCPR has now expanded its expertise to a plethora of safety and wellness trainings. EnjoyCPR continues to grow to be a national leader in safety, childcare and wellness education.

Quick Facts

  • We offer WIS (World Institute of Safety) and National Safety Council classes
  • All of our trainers are certified and experienced trainers
  • We have trained doctors, teachers, daycare providers, camp councilors, police officers, moms & dads etc
  • We have worked with public/private schools, non-profits, hospitals, construction companies, banks, churches, hotels, restaurants, etc
  • We serve the areas of over 30 million people, all over the USA
  • We have served over 300,000 students in more than 17,000 classes
  • We have a 98.7% customer satisfaction rating
  • 73% of our customers come from referrals or are returning