Fast Facts

  • Class Location: At your home, office, or a local training facility
  • Classes Offered: Infant, Child or Adult CPR, AED, Healthcare Provider, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Course Materials: Students can get ebooks from ebooks.heart.org
  • Certification Type: ARC, AHA, ASHI, NSC and The World Institute of Safety
  • Scheduling Options: Flexible scheduling, morning, evenings and weekends
  • Why Choose Our Class: Enjoyable, effective, and efficient


“A national leader in
safety childcare
and wellness education.”

Frequent Questions:

Where do you offer classes?

We offer classes at our facilities and partner training facilities around the country. Each public class will list its address.

What type of classes do you offer?

Infant/Child/Adult CPR & AED

Infant/Child/Adult Basic First Aid

BLS Healthcare Provider

OSHA & Bloodborne and Airborn Pathogens 

How long do classes last?

We've heard the horror stories of one class lasting 8 + hours (ouch). You won't find those here. CPR or First Aid classes: Approx. 2-3 hours each (depending on the type of class) BLS Healthcare Provider (review) classes: 2-4 Hours Bloodborne Pathogens: Approx. 1 hour

Where are your classes held?

Nobody wants to drive 1 hour just to get to a class right? So we try to make sure our class locations are convenient. Please click here to locate your area, and you will see class locations. We have several locations around the United States of America and every month we are adding more. All of our classes are held in comfortable and safe locations that maximizes the student's ability to learn.

How long do certifications last?

BLS, CPR, AED: 2 years
First Aid: 2 years
Bloodborne Pathogens: 1 year

Do I have to buy a textbook for the class?

Not necessarily. Students are encourged to get a free participant manual from our website (scroll to the botton) or can purchase a printed copy when signing up for a class.

What hours and days can I schedule a class at my location?

Because we know your schedule can get crazy, classes can be offered 7 days a week from 8:00a.m. to 6:30p.m. Please call for availability.

What do I need to bring to class?

In addition to paper, access to your ebook and a pen for note taking, just your wonderful smile!!! However, you CANNOT bring others to the class who are not registered.

What is a blended class?

This option is for students who wish to take most of their class online, and complete a short skills assessment (manikin practice) at one of our training locations. The cost of this course includes the online portion, AND the skills assessment and NO TEXTBOOK is required. Online access keys for courses access can be found HERE. Students receive the SAME certification card as a traditional class.

How do I register for a class?

Two options:
1. You can click here, find your location and register online (the fastest way)
2. You can call 800-939-0236 and register with an Educational Specialist

Can I pay cash for registration?

Good old greenbacks! Unfortunately, no. For safety and logistic reasons, our trainers don't accept cash at our training sites.

Why do I have to prepay for a class?

Good question! The short answer is the same reason why it's a win-win to prepay for a airplane ticket. Because our classes have a student limit, we enroll students on a first-come, first-serve basis, and if we held spaces for people who didn't pay and reached our maximum, we'd have to turn away people who were willing to prepay for that seat in the class. Plus we've learned (like the airlines) that a non-paying reservation has a 60% higher chance of not showing up. i.e. wasting a reservation. Hope this helps!

How can I get a copy of my invoice?

 You can call 800-939-0236 and we'll be glad to get you a copy as soon as we can!

I will miss a class. Do I have to pay to reschedule to join another class?

Thankfully no! Just like the U.S. Constitution, we don't believe in double jeopardy (charging you twice for the same thing). So you can just give us a call at 800-939-0236 and register for free to change your class (equal or lessor value). However, we can't sustain unlimited reschedules, so every student gets 2 free reschedules. After that its a 50% class cost to reschedule again.

Can I cancel a class?

We understand things happen and circumstances change. So for organizations and individuals, there is no charge if you need to switch the class to another date or time as long as you notify us before the class. For individuals, if you want to cancel a class within 24 hours of registering, then you can receive a 50% refund. However, after the 24 hours, there are no refunds. Why?

Because when you register for a class, as space is limited, we are giving you a seat and stopping someone else from taking that seat. For organizations, we are reserving a particular date and time, and we are stopping other organizations from reserving that date (even if we have to turn away customers). 

Can I pay for a class on the day of the class?

For organizations:
We usually require a full payment to reserve a date. But if that isn't possible, there needs to be at least a 50% deposit 48 hours before the class to hold a date.

For individuals:
We require a credit card payment before the class to attend. You can make that payment the day of the class, but it must be before the class. All students will receive their certification within 1-3 business days.

Where are you located?

Our training locations are in various places across the country. Please click here to see.

What type of certifications will I receive?

We partner with numerous national and local organizations that teach all major national curriculums from ASHI, American Heart Association, Red Cross, National Safety Council and The World Institute of Safety.

How many students have you trained?

Oh boy, that's one to think about! We train about 5000 students a month, so we are well in the hundreds of thousands at this point.

How long have you been operating?

We were founded in 2003.

Do you offer discounts?

We may offer "flash discounts" at various times. When discounts are offered for public classes, they are only eligible when the student registers online. Discounts are only available at the time of purchase and cannot be applied retroactively

What is your teaching philosophy? 

The easy answer:
Make sure students are really learning!

The long answer:
From the beginning, We built our teaching philosophy from the student’s perspective, and not the ever so used teacher perspective. Our approach is to be extremely thorough, meticulous, but to also make sure that we are reaching the student in the most effective manner. Pedagogical research has shown that the more students feel comfortable in their learning environment, the easier they retain information. Therefore, our trainers make sure that our students are challenged, but are also comfortable and enjoy the class.

Our classes are enjoyable because we understand Adult Learning Theory. We understand that adult learners do better when:

  • class goals and objectives are clear
  • autonomy is used in learning concepts
  • concrete experiences and stories are used to learn new things
  • simulations and practice exercises are used
  • a conversational and an open learning environment for adults to speak freely
  • the classroom is physically and psychologically comfortable

All of these principles and many others, contribute to most of our students saying that they felt like they learned more, and enjoyed our class in comparison to the last time they took a CPR/First Aid certification class.

Join thousands of students and consider us for your next safety training